This program is designed to help new owners "get their feet wet" without the expense of purchasing a horse all at once.

You pick out a horse you'd like to own and show. Make a $1000.00 down payment on the horse. At that point you pay only the monthly training fee of $750 and the normal farrier and vet fees. $500.00 of the monthly training fee would go towards the purchase of the horse, the horse stays with me until purchase price is paid in full.  When we go to a horse show you're responsible for the normal hauling-entry-office fees for amateur or youth classes.  If you want the horse to show in open you'd pay me my showing fee. All prizes are yours, any prize money split equally. If the horse didn't work out you could choose to walk away from the agreement with no further monetary commitments or choose another horse and start over. Wow !! If you purchased a horse that's good enough to compete at World Show competition it would cost you several thousand dollars up front and you'd still have to pay full training fees.......this program allows you to apply the training fees to the purchase price.

We have some really fancy yearlings by World Champion stallions out of World Champion mares to choose from and weanlings on the way!!



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