Enrollment in this program will give you the opportunity to "Rent" one of our World Champions, World Champion Producers or one of our outstanding daughters of TOUCHDOWN KID.

Eliminate the thousands of dollars needed to purchase a mare of this quality. The mare remains with Falcon Ranch, we feed it, care for it, we're responsible for all costs associated with it's well being, all you pay is an initial deposit of $750.00 and then a monthly fee of $540.00 until foal is weaned.  Your monthly fees don't start until mare is pronounced in foal.  (Just think about it, you'd have to spend thousands of dollars for a mare of this quality, then have facility to keep the mare and pay for all it's feed and vet expense plus the labor involved for daily care.  We're providing all this for a monthly board fee !!).

Breed to any stallion that you wish, either ship the semen to us and we'll breed her or we can have the mare shipped to stud farm.  In addition, if you decide to purchase the mare at any time during the contract your deposit and 50% of monthly fees are deducted from purchase price.

Just go to our Broodmare page and choose the mare you want to add to your broodmare band !!!
Read the contract and if you have any questions call me.
We guarantee mares are clean and sound to breed.



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